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Soy candle – Orange Rosemary

Soy Candle

Do you need peace, a moment of breath and the satisfaction of your senses? We have made candles that will allow you to take a break from the daily rush and introduce you to a different, mystical world of sensations.

The combination of orange and rosemary perfectly affects our immune system, soothes depression and has a good effect on well-being. The use of soy candles has a positive effect on our nervous system, as it reduces the feeling of stress and allows for blissful relaxation.

Orange stimulates action and energizes, while rosemary introduces a sensual fragrance, which perfectly balances with orange.

The soy candle has a label designed by us, which is an additional advantage of this product. We tried to create something unique that will not only be useful, but also decorate your interior. The label is made of ecological paper.

COMPOSITION: 100% ecological soy wax, natural oils of orange and rosemary

JAR CAPACITY: 120 ml / 180 ml

BURNING TIME: 32h / 40h

TIPS: The soy candle is best lit with matches. The first time you smoke, the wax should dissolve evenly over the entire surface, so you will avoid tunneling the candle the next time you use it.

Soy candles should burn from 1h to 3-4h, not longer, as this causes the wax to overheat, which makes the candle last for a shorter time.

Always put a candle on a ceramic, metal or non-wood base.

Unlike paraffin candles, soy candles have much better properties:

– does not smoke,

– does not emit harmful substances,

– has a soothing effect on the immune system

A candle of this size is perfect for a bathroom, living room, guest room, bedroom or office.

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